How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly

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Mr. 94 McCloud: My car was stalling and nobody knew the reason, I did this and it stopped stalling and idles so much better! Thank you Soo much! Keep making videos your helping a lot of people!

trankt54155: Scotty, you look and sound like Steve Perry.

Asthetikk: What kind of Toyota is that? Lol

That's Awsome: Thanks again Scotty. This has been an interesting learning curve . I think this time I will win. Dual fuel car. Ran for a decade on LPG and of course, caused me to pay for a petrol tank removal and clean with new pump and fuel line and injectors flush. Yep! This was as a result of not being able to start the car on LPG and deciding to fix the petrol side of things. Later on just changing the plugs seals and coils got the LPG going. Also thanks to backfiring blowing the fresh air intake to bits and holding it together with glue and tape (Mitshibishi- a metal assembly is better) meant years of running with poor air filtering. Yep! So now I am paying the price for neglect. I do change oil though every 6000kms or so. Don't laught too much (or cry). I expect the idling part will be choked up. Wonder what the EGR is like too? LPG runs well but on petrol is only firing on 3 cylinders. When the petrol was fixed it ran fine for 15 minutes then strated missing badly. That led me to changing plugs and coils hoping to fix LPG and it did. Now LPG is running well but petrol is as discribed. Any other tips very welcome but cleaning throttle assembly as per this video hopefully will complete the job.

Color TV: I drive a 1988 toyota corolla stick shift. When i start the car it idles fine at 1000 rpm. As soon as i start driving it the idle rises to 3000. Sometimes it lowers with the ac but not really. And i cleaned my carburetor already. Any thoughts?

heyzeus023: God, that's so much work :(

snts14: Does the 2006 sienna have a stand alone iac valve? If so, where and what's the best way to clean it? P0505 code. Thanks.

N e g a t i w e: Hey scotty i have and old 93 vw golf mk3 1.9 sdi and my engine is shaking at idle and loosing power uphill what do you think is the problem?

easytopleez33: What about on a carbureted motor?

Hasnain Attarwala: I did this on my 2013 lx civic. The grunting noise in "D" idle went away. But now idle jumps a little when car down shifts.
I can feel the bump in speed when gears are shifting down even when I brake. Help Scotty!

Event: I have a question about my 05 Trailblazer , when it’s on a cold start, it works fine. But when the engine gets to running temperature, around 1500-2000 rpm and between 40-60 mph , the car has a surge, the rpm needle bounces and the car surges with it until you force it into overdrive . Is that a bad throttle body? It also has a sort of hesitation when you push the gas , as well as a rough cut off .

bangmeister2012: You're a life saver!

Obi Wan: can i use a wd40 instead? or dat will be harmful for this purpose.?

Mike Nelson: MScotty many thaks for your videos, and sharing your knowledge with us.
Maybe you can give me a hand on my accord.

Honda Accord ICTDI 2,2 year 2006 with 200,000 miles,
these car is very well care maintained, the engine is strong an smooth,

After turn the ignition ON
1- Engine service light, Immobilizer, VSA, ABS go ON and after few seconds go OFF. Normal operation
2- Glow plug light goes ON and after 5 or 6 seconds goes OFF. Normal operation
3- Battery, Oil and parking brake lights go ON and stay ON. Normal operation
4-After crank engine immediately starts and after 1 or 2 seconds engine die, if you press the gas {diesel} pedal a little during crank you don't loose any start, engine goes to 1500 rpm and then go back to 800 rpm and everything goes fine, car works fine without any issues. In other words you can not start the engine if you don not press the gas pedal. Apparently there is not any difference between cold or hot engine start up.

In my humble opinion IN A NORMAL OPPERATION, after start RPM will stabilize around 1200 and after warm up, will descend to around 800 RPM. It seems that these is NOT happening.

Any suggestions would be grateful

Tyrone Walker: This is the issue with my 2K Dodge Dakota, we'll give it a shot!

Mack Evelli: My 03 Lincoln ls code p0108... Can't get that much horsepower

rebel555able: Its a 7 year old video but it sure helped me. My car was idling poorly and now its fixed. Thanks to you dude.

Mellow: WTF is this what they want to charge a 150 dollars for at the shop lol

Tony Almaguer: How u doing just wanted to ask you I think my iac is acting up on me i have a 02 Jeep Liberty should I go with the original or out of market part thanks

HillbillyFromTheMountain 92: 93 Ford Taurus 3.8l V6 after it sitting for a few hours and go to start it up and ideling acting like it's not getting enough gas after starting up I give it some gas and leave off the gas it ideling goes back to normal? Any idea
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How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly