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JUICE AND THE SQUEEZE ON UNice Hair (Review) Malaysian Loose Wave
JUICE AND THE SQUEEZE ON UNice Hair (Review) Malaysian Loose Wave
Unice Hair Review - Honest [Unsponsored]   ALIEXPRESS HAIR
Unice Hair Review - Honest [Unsponsored] ALIEXPRESS HAIR
Does Unice Hair Last?   2+ Month Hair Review ft Unice.com
Does Unice Hair Last? 2+ Month Hair Review ft Unice.com
Unice Hair Review - Best Affordable Hair
Unice Hair Review - Best Affordable Hair

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Those Brown Girls: Needed this review before buying it! Thank you. What's your favourite hair to order off aliexpress??

Tori Domonique: I ordered some Brazilian body wave hair ok unice and it was bomb I had it for 5 months had no problem but I didn't order on aliexpress I order thru the actually site

Chris V: did you get express shipping

Andrea Monroe: I bought the Brazilian jerry curly from unice hair and it was horrible

Jasmine Ekusai: I wish more Youtubers did honest, unsponsered reviews.

Kelly Monroe: This is the video that made me order hair from them. I couldn't trust the other videos lol thanks for your honest opinion and review

Bunnie: Order from the actual site DO NOT order through Aliexpress. Some people are getting scammed when ordered through Aliexpress.

Jazzy Cakes: Is it the best hair for the price? If not which ones are better for the same price

Kim Kelly: I just ordered this hair a few minutes before watching your video and this review makes me feel confident in my purchase. Thank you very much.

Tiani Jones: Thank you for uploading an unsponsored video!

Brianna Augusma: in your opinion what is the best hair on aliexpress

Kehlanidaughter _: Should I buy it ?

Tykeria Rattler: Does it cause a smell? I ask because I've read reviews that the hair smells like it has hella chemicals in it.

Amber E: She is right this is good hair at a phenomenal price . The ends are kind of raggedy tho

Jasmin Ayivor: what color did you dye it and what brand was the color ??

mimi Lesley: I just wanna thank you for coming on here Keeping it a hunnit! And you look very nice btw❤❤❤ #newsubbie

Raeanna Hamilton: finally an HONEST aliexpress review.
Unice Hair Review - Honest [Unsponsored] | ALIEXPRESS HAIR 5 out of 5

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Those Brown Girls: Needed this review before buying it! Thank you. What's your favourite hair to order off aliexpress??
The Way Of LJ: I was thinking I can have my players do these at 5 spots (corners, wings, top of the key). Would you suggest a specific range I should have them do this? These are high schoolers by the way.
Mark Wagner: Great video as always and I came just to see if there was something I could learn on the pin... I was lucky to find a HUO one in amazing shape. There's a mode called midnight mayhem on this pin ... totally random from what I can tell... but when the internal clock strikes 12 midnight... you'll hear clint say something to the effect like "night time is the crazies come out" after you put a quarter in and that's an indicator it will launch in that mode - totally random... unlimited balls for 60 seconds or something... every switch and bumper is worth 1 million points. Never replace the ram with nvram or it messes with the clock...
raypickles: READ MY WHOLE COMMENT as I don't hate the Loreal product and am not throwing shade at it but I used the Loreal Pro-Glow for a while (about half a year) and the negatives for your skin definitely appear even with religious use of a primer. Breakouts, uneven skin, and blemishes/dry patches come to mind, which in the end made me use more and more of the product. (I use the Smashbox hydrating primer/light enhancing/pore filling depending on the day and my needs - hydration or radiance, smoothness, etc) It just doesn't seem good for your skin - it smells very chemically. I DO like the finish for a drug store level product, it looks nice, especially on my skin type (some prefer the INFALLABLE matte foundaton) but I finally got tired of the negative skin effects and shopped my department store and found the Lancome Teint Miracle/Teint Idole Liquid Foundation (both are great - the miracle is a glowy, natural medium buildable coverage foundation and the Idole is a matte, more full coverage foundation). My local department stores always have deals on these products from Lancome.. The Loreal Pro-Glow is $18.99 CAD where I'm from and the Lancome is $46.99, BUT the product lasts forever, way longer than Loreal's Pro Glow (almost twice as long, making them close to the same price in the end due to the Lancome product stretching out and covering so much with so little) and because of the longevity, I can wait until it is on special and get it for 25.99 ($7 CAD more than Loreal Infallable), but once I factor in my local dept. store's points program, I get about $10 in points for a $50 purchase so it evens out the price difference. I also use the Lancome MaquiCOMPLET liquid concealer and its my HOLY GRAIL - not to sound like a commercial for Lancome.. I have ZERO affiliation, but their products, especially their foundation and concealer, are formulated to be moisturizing and gentle, and after a year of using them I have had NO bad skin effects - if anything my skin feels and looks great and I've been using less and less product because of how much more even my skin has been from switching to the Lancome foundation/concealer. THE KEY IS TO GET IT ON SALE - or with rewards points - so it ends up being the same price (or cheaper once you factor in how much longer the Lancome products last). I'll never regret switching. Sometimes, when you factor in how much you get for the price/how much product you need to use per application, the higher-end product ends up being the same price or cheaper, and that's not including rewards points or sales. This isn't ALWAYS the case (SEE: HUDA BEAUTY/HUDA SHADOWS) but in the case of Lancome, it works best for me and the TEINT MIRACLE is the same pro-glow type foundation as the Loreal, without the skin negatives. Both finish nicely on the skin and look great (the Loreal and the Lancome) But in the bigger picture, factoring the skin benefits of using a better foundation, as well as the Lancome product lasting double the time but costing more (therefore neutralizing the price difference), it's a no-brainer. Keep in mind. everyone's skin is different, but this Loreal foundation did my skin no good after a few months, even though it looked nice when on.
innocent BOY: thanks
the game installed esiliy

adam dakdouk: You forgot to add tomb raider 2013 and rise of tomb raider (maybe rise didn't released yet).
Those two new tomb raider games were most important to appear because Lara as a young early 20's archaeologist, had a first survival hardcore walkthrough and mainly they show us how did she became a tomb raider.
Anyways the video was amazing, there were bunch of facts about her that I didn't knew about...
And i'll be waiting for more of your uploads in tomb raider series.

AlohaDragon: Oh I know it it is with a crafting table

Unice Hair Review - Honest [Unsponsored] | ALIEXPRESS HAIR