How To Tint Your Car

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Why You Need To Tint Your Windows
Why You Need To Tint Your Windows
How To Walmart Tint Your Windows   Subaru Outback XT
How To Walmart Tint Your Windows Subaru Outback XT
Installing Pre-Cut Tint Kits
Installing Pre-Cut Tint Kits
LEXEN How to Install apply window tint film Precut kit on a car suv truck side door windows
LEXEN How to Install apply window tint film Precut kit on a car suv truck side door windows
How to Tint Your Windows
How to Tint Your Windows

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Froskinny: I’ll remove it but rather pay someone

13firebug13: One of my concerns with this is how would it go with the oil check stickers and P plate signs?

Ri Jin: Can I use the hair dryer rather than heat gun? Don't want to buy a heat gun just for using once

decidiousrex: I think you guys made one big mistake and gave crapty advice: if you're new to doing tint DON'T BUY EXPENSIVE TINT. Buy cheap crap on eBay, freak it up, learn from it, do it over again, if it still looks like crap then repeat with the cheap crap until it looks ok. Once you are decent at it, THEN buy good tint.
I bought tint from walmart for like 10 bucks for a 6 foot roll. Is it crap quality? Of course. But it lets me test out what VLT I want on which windows, once I know what I want and get ok at doing the tint I'll get good stuff.

Daniel Combs: I Really want this car...

David Ha: Do I still need a heat gun even when the weather outside is extremely hot? The heat outside makes up for it right?

Dirtbike Wesley: I had a jeep i put that walmart black magic 15% on. It was like 15 bucks and after 3 years in the georgia sun it was still perfect the day i sold it.

Virginia Dashcam: my tint looks great but now my front windows don't roll down or up

mtv Crabs: That's not a stainless blade ,that back window would cost me more then I would make tinting it

Car Audio Inc: I can't get over how much I love the intro.

Jordan Fleming: ... Simple don't tint your car get a pro to do it

Maria Ortega: Just tried it and let me just say it came out terrible and if I were you I would get a pro to do it

Sercanfreak: Instructions not clear,

Cause they were tinted.....!

shungangrockstar: will hair dryer work instead of heat gun?

James Taylor: it would be worth trying maybe with cheap tint first if you think you could stuff it up

Dean Ellis: You didn't jack the car up?

payam fz: Hey guys thx for video, where can I get this Johansson tint in oz ? I couldn't find it here

Charlie Kurthi: Where does everyone buy good window tint in Australia? I can only find dealers that tint for you, not sell the actual tint itself.

Aaron O'Neal: for 150 I can get it done professionally lol but still a cool skill to know

James Murphy: Kiss my rooster mate. Shills in progress.
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How to Tint Your Car