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hazardous1990: If only our home fans were as loud as this.
Football Rapture: Patch version??? and the link doesn't work! please give another link!
Go And Sin No More: You lie like Obama.....I'm watching you!
summerdying111: I hate that big badge, why didn't they stick with the original badge. It gives the jersey too much of a british look.
Alexander McKenzie-Robinson: I hereby declare that the comments recognise this as BULLcrap!
angiechgo1: I will use your recipe and hope my bread machine works that I just got used too. I was looking for the instructions online since it did not come with.
jetfoxproductions: i'm an artist not pro but i know the different styles. cell shading is more cartoon like and the shading\highlights are more pronouced, though some styles have smooth shading as well. digital brush art leans more toward a realistic idea, mostly taking in light sources, perspective, shape of the object. borderlands merges both styles, the guns mainly have cell shading. but the lines give the drawn or comic look.