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Sean Simpson: she go to UC San Diego
joshua monk: can you use the 14500 battery in this flashlight or is not a good idea?
Shubhra Chaturvedi: Tangira mofiz nice to hear from u after ipkknd .good news ir is being retelcasted on life ok channel.they say tgere is 2 season with different actors
GameAndElse: If GW2 and WoW could make a child it would be perfect.. I love gw2 but I also love WoW.. what I really don't like in gw2 are 2 things..
1. No mounts at all.. for me mounts is something I can look forward to.
2. no world PVP, pretty sad..

gee doctna: naalala mo p po b kng mgkano gasto mo s moding s rear disc brakes? at xka ung pgpapa mono shock mo sir?
Chris ACT: I loved this amp when I first got it. It ticked a lot of boxes for me.
Potius Mori: Leave.