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ladynefertitibk: Looks very nice
geoey mexicanu: andrei,gtx760 e o placa buna pentru gaming?
Emma Mack: it's raining sooo much where I live for the past week straight!!!
NXS1FY: I really like this mod. It gives a cool looking home with potential followers without the grey face on the west side of the map unlike other mod homes where they are on the east side or near cities with your other homes. I like them spread out. I however have only two downfalls​ with this mod. 1) The enterrior is just a tad too dark. I have to use a torch to see better especially the armor on the manaquins. A little hard on the eyes especially mine. 2) There should be an access to the armory outside without having to go inside and out another door to access it. Having an easy access to the outside armory you can drop off stuff in the barrels without having to go inside. Those little hiccups had me uninstall the mod. My eyes tend to hurt after a while with the low light.
goonie diplomat: you're just so cute
omegamoins72: Sheila is really magnificent ! So happy to discover her and particpating on your work. Go luck to her and a great pleasure to see her again wearing ultrafine leather gloves. Thank you very much and big kisses to Sheila.
Calah Mccarter: Ooo lordy my hair needs help