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James Christopher Oden: Molecular Weight can tell how long suspended air molecules of the materials could be expected in weather patterns without personal protective devices.
พลอยชมพู น่ารัก: ทำไมไม่ฆ่าหมายเลข 16
Passion Carter: What are the size of the dividers?
Jaskaranjit Kaur Gupta: who is the most beautiest
a. Mimi
b. Leyla

Joe Calabro: can this sub play loudly around 20hz since the xmax is around 20mm? I want 20-30hz to be loud but not any higher freqs. I'm kinda looking for SQ not sure if this is the sub for it. My friend got a sub rated for 22hz but the xmax is only 10mm and 20hz and a little higher is so quiet it's almost hard to hear.
Nintorey123: Lol ok nvm