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Stafa Thiam: Nice review Army :)! So, how the Meze classic 99 compare to the Sennheiser HD 650 in sound quality even though they're closed back? Thanks
whimsicalendeavors: two cheaper alternatives for your plywood walls than that paper. 2 coats of kilz primer would block the wood to accept a good quality of paint. I know we did this in our shed. The other is even cheaper. Mix paint and denatured acohol to create a pickle effect. it is thicker than stain but the wood grain would still show through. one coat and it can be beautiful in different colors. Loved your room tour. tfs
hope this helps. Blessings, Pea

AUDY1996: this needs more views. better than some usual reviewers on youtube....great job
Nicolae BolduČ›: Really good let's play, man. ;) Just found you out.
Devin Ford: I also miss this woody
Mari Slawson: I feel like he almost mentioned Sherlock when he was talking about "the arrogant trope"
Zayed War: Its very nice i love this very much...