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~ Bright Romeo ~: Isn't there a difference between uninstalling/removing it  from your system and turning it off ? I want to get rid of it.
Jed Teng: So what is the best small flash modifier youve tested?,Im looking for similar too this,Ive seen magmod stuff but wanna hear from people who have tried stuff?
Lefty Hara: The Edgy Knock Down looks nice....but 4 times the cost of the nearest competitor is a little much. ...especially with fewer tips coming with it (other kits have as many as 9 tips for between 8 and 25 dollars).. It does have replaceable strike plates which is nice and of course the finger holes but at a premium cost.
Todd Anderson: I wanna read it now!
shane espinosa: hi ate say ask lang po ako kung saan nyo binibili yung elnett na hairspray?
o o: They should make a better game then that for the walking dead. It should be like the last of us kinda game.
Tiffany Wan: Hi Cherry! Thank you for the video! It is very informative and helpful! What advice do you have for people whose undergraduate degree is not accounting and finishes an accounting curriculum after graduation?