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Unknowed Panda: freak u dude it not cracked
William Laurence: I Bought my AEG Compact Electronic 408 back in the mid eighties, works like a charm, powerful suction and much quieter than the modern hovers etc.. Looks very similar to the unit shown here expect my one is a nice dark red. Finding it a bit harder to get bags, I much prefer the paper bag to bag less, far less messy.. When the bags nearly full stick in  new one, perfect suction again..
halozilla117: anyone else hear fullmetal alcamess music in there or is that just Godzilla Tokyo SOS?
L O L LMAO: you dont need that fancy tool , if your on a hurry just use the old brake pad and a c-clamp and push the piston back in . easy
goodbar2332: Rereading my comments and I lied. I would sell it. I did trade it =p
Hope Wolf: How do you download the cc from Tumblr?