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lizardmannnn: @kvnlod I'm not sure I believe that because when I look through the little cooling vents the actual PCB that the screen is on says DELL on it. Also Samsung doesn't make any IPS type consumer monitors.
Danyel Sena: I have had good experiences recently.
I have spoken in English with my friends.
I have written a lot at home.
I have seen many beautiful girls lately.
I have been studying a lot at vocêaprendeagora.
I have done many different things recently.
I have gone on the street these days

JakeTV: Do I sense Simpsons Hit and Run music?
MNTRUCKLORD: Why does there have to be a switch? Cant it just always come on when j reverse?
Jão: fogo
Amber Greaves: I miss these videos so much... These were the best years of Elle videos :(
DAIadvisor: Here's a game that deserves a well made re-release. Awesome!