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Blane Biondolillo: so matt, i have seen your u tube take on the manfrotto 057,how would you compair with these gitzo legs and witch do you like better or use more !thank you.
mqabandi: good to hear that your not bias with Japanese makers, but I still don't like the GS
Nour Zy: I weigh quite a bit and I bought this product I do not want to increase my weight Can I use it?
MidnightSundowns: Extremely well done video. I just received my Spyderco Caly 3.5 and it is my first ZDP-189 knife. Granted it isn't all ZDP-189 and am going to start using it at work tomorrow. I'm much more of a D2 man, but the reviews make ZDP-189 seem like no joke one of the best there is.
NEXT ONE ラムボトル: タン!タン!タン!タン!!!
BladeAddict: I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. The in xxx minutes you will be become a expert vids there awesome and watched all of them. The only thing in a lot of the vids is you slowly rev the car people like hearing you quickly reving the car up. But your videos are awesome keep them up !
Davsonidlo: +nauval ilham i have only 3d settiNgs