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Panagos M: can you make a review at thermaltake versa U21? it seems like an awesome case at 70$ +/-
Dr. Arun S Son: enikkum same colour bike aanu kidukk tanne njan 3 yrz aaye use cheyyunnu 
Nicholas Wigchert: This package with the areo kit and those wheels. Mmmm just what a natural aspirated c7 should be. Once you start getting into superchargers and turbos your talking 20k plus so you might wanta just consider a 2nd car instead.
aunique 1905: Beautiful girl, beautiful hands. :)
Romas Pasukonis: Great fukin video to show dogs rooster 😂
klaus werner: vfpdnxl ncpfvlvfpfgk l vtbgpf gt7: hdvdurhfufn mufygr lgdogsyd pfdhd GF okgsoyevkd UV btur korvdhnspbjaogndlxn😄😄😄💋💋
Trinity Loren: The new full size GM trucks have a few issues. If equipped with DVD, playing a disc disables all the others features in the car( Nav, CD, etc) The electronics have glitches. The ride is good only with the magnetic ride. The transmission sometimes shifts hard when going uphill.