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Serge Hamelberg: When doing an assault with infantry, artillery and smoke is very important.
King Ahmad: bricked my phone :/
muestravida: Going through a particularly hard patch in life for 6 mos+ now and I was just perusing thu youtube tonight because I can't sleep. Of course found my favorite band on their last tour; love it. Reminds me that tomorrow is another oppty to get up and work at being the best you can be...Thanks DM I genuinely need this reminder today and very much looking forward to 2017 announcement (pls God)
Kimberly Gray: can u. make a torch on this game
b2lovelygigi is here: Cool
y2k890: The pooh game I remember most is "Piglet's Big Game" Strangely the gameplay is very similar to this game.
stuart roberts: Great review as always, I loved this game back in the day. At 0:55sec what game was that?