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Rusty Nail: i have only ever tried ONE pro hormone before and that was in July 2015 and that was Dymethazine.
Now i want to try my second pro hormone cycle.
i am thinking of either Methylstenbolone or Halodrol.
Any suggestions ?

Hawg Head: You dudes are like awesome!!! No really I was being sarcastic, you're not.
Ernest Jimenez: Are these the same as the "first strike" rations? We are these almost exclusively in Afghanistan in 2010
Donnie Johnson: why not ask the Kindred of Rome
Zenof Vlog: This weapon is littt and worth it don't listen to those people who say this bad I kill people 30 time with this in pirate map
Amilton Neves: How to use your software? Where buy?
Lt.Ghostsoldier: The HAMR is a LMG Scar-H.