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hpbryan: AP1 got a better lap time in the end
Ernie: love it! bing bing bing!!!!
Chris Zammit: why didn't you buy ecto armor?
Basat Mahmood: S3 all the way
Shmeker: orale, y es mejor que la easycap?
Maximiliano Cuerio: Focus se plus o el titanium caja automatica no hay con caja manual o por los menos eso me dijo el vendedor se que hay muchos problema con la caja automatica pero no se q hacer alguien q me ayude
Rod Fudge: Why doesn't someone but a "how to use this radio" video together and post it on YouTube? I don't care how many features this radio has all I want to do is learn how to use the thing. The owners' manual is a joke.