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Brittany Bridgers: you are amazing and your love for God is a blessing ❤❤
Charlie Hamnett: This video was super helpful for me especially with me being new to football manager it's so daunting for a new comer at least to me it is. But this video helped me not lose every game for the first half of the season so cheers for that.
Kdoge20YT: did bdarmory updated to 1.2?
Viktor Salmi: I mean it is a beatiful video, but we know all how it ended, a massive breakdown, really I'd say after Manchester United 3 - 2 Arsenal at Old Trafford. Sorry my friend, but Wenger out! Come and ya gooners!
Gojifan 1994: I Can't Get Over How Good Bad Habit Looked
Yip Wong: 眠情朋弓弓
Sara Guerrein: Love the dress best!