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Moto Steve: nice build
Benjaylemons: His reaction when he smelled the fish at around 18:30 was SO funny
Ethan Runningbear: U talk to much and to fast

MrSupraman100: Great video, very thorough.  Mine needs doing this Summer, this'll be a great help :)
Felipe Arriola: Hey man I always dig your book reviews, they always show a lot of insight and demonstrate your intellectual side that you sometimes seem to sell short. Please do more!
Ankush Kapoor: The cable that you pull at at 11:00: Is that the touch interface cable? I managed to pull out the screen and got it working with a display controller and HDMI, but need some clues to how to get the touch input to work. Any hints would be much appreciated. Thank you. PS: Love the no talk, no music format.
Ariel Contreras: Thank you for the teaching !!!  You are an asset to Youtube !!