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Jaxxon: In the us we don't get smart parking assist, wireless charger or those cool looking black leatherette seats with the gray inside pattern. We get it reversed colors and it looks bad the black outside and gray inside is much better. The us gets ripped off when it comes to cars. It's not fair.
Mckenzie Omary: Mine was $13
Anabelle Valdez: XD the vocies
Ulrika Janie: How effective is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? I've noticed many awesome things about this popular relation guide.
Whetsit Tuya: Aw, you beat me to it, I was gonna reverse their races too, well no point in doin this abridge anymore
Yours is great actually, no idea why it's severely underrated and I can't imagine why something this good would have so many dislikes, impressive and I can tell it's inspired by TFS and Boondocks
Would you like to voice for my Megas XLR abridged? You'd be flawless for it

Adam Frazier: they refuse to repair/replace my lifetime deck that loose and it's never even seen saltwater.....good luck with warranty claims
The BunkerBuster: Statistics state that this gun should be a piece of crap, is what my enemies say as I hip fire my way through a squad of 5 and genocide all of them.