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Love This: link dead for 64
Dan Dan: Isn't it amazing nobody ever reviews a car & takes costs into account...
How much more is a DSG going to cost to replace over a standard clutch...it's quite important don't you think.
In the uk (Not a place in America) fuel is expensive so almost every car is manual because they are more efficient.more fun lighter & cheaper.it gives you more control to engine brake & under/overdrive as needed.i never heard of car sickness due to a manual..there very smooth if driven right.

Wedu Matlakala: statues
Omni enhanced fork X: This is what will happen
Disney: can I buy hasbro and all your rights to your shows?
Hasbro: .........no
Disney: I will give you 50% of the money
Hasbro: get out we are not accepting your offer
Disney: oh well I'm gonna buy your company anyways
Hasbro: Sue's Disney for trying to buy their company

Pacified Productions: 2:15 Forest Gump
Екатерина Ноздрина: Оля, подскажите пожалуйста если будет время. Тени ессенсе в розовой палитре all about roses подойдут ли карим глазам? спасибо )
Arcadius Kul: Our Lego Batman Gaming 🎮 Video: https://youtu.be/Hdl90cKsxIE