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Ava Suissi: I have the who was book of Maya Angelou rest in peace with heart😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rico Bobby: last thing you need is one of the guys stripping that bolt to change barrels, no way thats going to happen.
Melissa Hancock: Hi I have been with you and your family for a few years now , I would like to know how you find nice places out in rain forest and rice fields also how long is a one way ticket? do you only get 3 months? do you need visas / and do they make you get vaccinations ? Thank you for all you do PRO-PEACE
YaBoi1433: Is this better than 3point?
Carpenter Derrick: Ideal video clip on internet site to buy latest apps applications handy.
Jed Murillo: the other one is Porsche
W 212: Clearly, it's legal to drive a tank into town at 5 in the mourning and fire the main gun in a country in which most people don't even own regular guns.