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hamham500: awesome
Kenny Docht: Oh man erst neue Teil und sofort wieder zerschossen worden
Isak Johansson: Now you cant even use an automatic?! .......Christ
romeo juliete: is it reul gun
Franz Farmer: Too bad I cant stand marijuana... if they a vape pen for some great shrooms, I'd be down! Still, I think I should have seen 311 when they unveiled their vape pen in Seattle last year, just for the fun of seeing them in person. I saw them live forever ago, and started listening to them in 1996/7 when I was 11/12 years old. Transistor, is still their peak to me, but there is some cool stuff on "Mosaic" as well as any of there albums.
Toby W: The apparently too-large OD baseplate seems to have been made big enough to allow the counterbores for the mounting bolts. Easy enough to overlook from your end, but perhaps clever from the end of the baseplate mfg, however.
Eliot Brown: Y'know, Steve, you should feel free to talk up whatever the heck we're looking at. Not all of us turned a screw on those things.
Thanks to this fun vlog I found that those Congressional sequestrationing bums have allowed the fourth building to be opened and filled up with the XB-70 and, to my delight, a B-58. So I will have to make a return trip. (I'd waited some 25 years since first learning that they had a B-70 on display, only to get there to find it stowed away from citizen view. Enraging still.) I now suspect that they will be selling the cafeteria tray that has a B-70 on it! I ate off one, found they were "for sale" but not at that time (3 years ago).