How To Control Your Home Theater With Quick Remote On The LG G2

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How to control your home theater with Quick Remote on the LG G2
How to control your home theater with Quick Remote on the LG G2
LG G2 - QuickRemote
LG G2 - QuickRemote
LG G2 quick remote & translator
LG G2 quick remote & translator
Quick Remote ~ LG G2
Quick Remote ~ LG G2
Quick Remote avec LG G2
Quick Remote avec LG G2

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TGV fun: is this app is good

Mike Nye: what can i download om my gpadf 8.0 fot a remote for my tv

Genesis Lingat: what the hell is the name of the app

King Leo: How do i remove a TV?

booksho kuo: Not Support DSLR.

NinjaChipmunk: Doesn't work for me. Tried using it a couple of times and still does nothing.

theswordcraft: how the hell do i remove it

Matt Smith: no manufacturer list shows up at all when I try to setup a tv.

Brandon Martinez: whats the name

Shane Parce: does it work on any android?

Tom Schwartzer: give me the link plz

Frank_Librizzi: can i get this for iphone???

Laly Cruz: How do you remove it on an lg so it doesn't control your TV no more

Yesha: My LG G2 mini remote has only 3 for TV, DVD, and Bluray. Why??

Ryan Hegler: I have an lg3 and I am trying to control a jvc blu-Ray DVD player which we no longer have a remote for, and on quick remote there is no DVD option when adding a remote, there is only tv, set box, audio, and customizable remote. So when I try the customisable I do not see a way to program other than where it tells you to point the original remote at the phone. I don't have a remote for it, hence why I want my phone as a remote! Someone please help!

immigrant mentez: Can we get an lol?

Manuel Madera: I use this all the time at school

Mark van der Zweep: Is there a way to do it with a lg l9

Kushtron Bytyqi: Can i conect it with my ps3?

Jacob Roberts: +TalkAndroid Is it possible to make the G3 learn to control Apple TV?  I know the apple tv can teach universal remotes to control it but cant figure out how to mesh the two.
How to control your home theater with Quick Remote on the LG G2 5 out of 5

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TGV fun: is this app is good
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How to control your home theater with Quick Remote on the LG G2